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Keynote & invited speakers

Vitaly Kozlovsky

Vitaly Kozlovsky|Виталий Козловский

Product Development Consultant, EMC Corporation, Russia CoE

Vitaly Kozlovsky is EMC’s CTO office representative, responsible for business development and promoting of bleeding edge technologies and trends of the company. Vitaly’s area of operations includes managing partner and client connections, as well as the development of interaction schemes and project management.

Vitaly Kozlovsky joined EMC in 2007. During last years his main work was related to data storage technologies and systems. Vitaly has 20 patents. He graduated Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) in 1997, getting his Master’s degree in 2001.

EMC technology vision

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The Third Platform is the next phase of the IT revolution.

Mobile computing, social networking, cloud services, and Big Data serve as a foundational architecture for IT organizations. The combination of these trends is becoming critical since it collectively represents an agile new IT fabric for applications, data centers and, most importantly, the user experience.

Evolving to the Third Platform includes an entirely new way of thinking about value and the user experience. Solution providers should be open to a new set of integrated requirements, expectations and methods of rapid and agile development.

The presentation highlights coming challenges and is oriented for those who are interested in technologies of EMC how to face these challenges. Third Platform aspects and the ways of transition from second platform are discussed.

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