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Keynote & invited speakers

Sergey Gelmetdinov

Sergey Gelmetdinov|Сергей Гельметдинов

Return On Intelligence

Sergey Gelmetdinov is a Business Development manager for CIS region. Sergey has worked for Return On Intelligence (former Exigen Services) since November 2012, starting as a Regional Director and Delivery manager in Kazan branch of the company. Sergey devoted his career to the IT industry and has got more than 10 years’ experience in this field. He started as a developer in a local software company; in a few years he made a career as a manager of business direction and deputy director. At “Bars Group” Group of companies Sergey headed the BI-solutions department, supervising internal RAD BI-Framework with more than 25 projects for Regional and Federal Ministries.

Co-author: Evgeny Philippov

Evgeny Philippov

Return On Intelligence

Evgeny Philippov, Ph.D. is an expert in development of software and intellectual systems with more than thirty years of experience in these areas. Evgeny has great experience in management of the leading international and Russian software companies. Before joining Return on Intelligence (ex Exigen Services) Evgeny worked as a Director of Global Engineering Centers at Emerson for three years where he led development of intellectual pressure, temperature, flow, and level transmitters. In 2007-2009 he worked as a Director of Embedded Systems Business Line at Luxoft. Being at Motorola in 1996-2007 he managed Java SW Center of Excellence. In 1988-97 Evgeny provided his lectures at Computer Science Department as an Associate Professor. He actively cooperates with Russian Universities. Supported a set of R&D projects and laboratories there. He graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (LETI) in 1979, obtained his Ph.D. in 1988. Evgeny successfully graduated from Software Business Management Institute, Motorola. He has about 30 publications including 12 patents.

Presentation: Leveraging SAP HANA in Financial Services and Insurance Applications

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As an SAP PartnerEdge Partner, Return on Intelligence, Inc. (ROI) assists in the delivery of solutions that position clients to gain and retain sustainable, competitive advantage across the globe. Employing best practices, industry models, methods, tools, technology and frameworks, ROI helps clients rethink and reshape the way they do business. With that end in mind, three things ring true: transformation is not just about technology; a collaborative business model is essential; and collective intelligence drives performance – and that’s the power of our SAP partnership!

The SAP-based HANA Insurance Demo Platform (HIDP) is a product of just such a collaborative process. It accelerates specific transactions with the support of an in-memory database while empowering the business user – saving considerable time, money and effort to move the existing customer system onto a new technology platform.

Historically, insurance companies have been encumbered with a litany of core-system processing issues, a long list of vendor providers and an array of other productivity and speed-to-market detractors. By integrating the latest SAP technologies, ROI has significantly fast-tracked implementation of core system transformations through prototyping key system elements via Proof of Concept (POC) and Proof of Value (POV) projects. By implementing POC and POV on top of HIDP, both the technology risk and the return-on-investment risk, inherent in such endeavors, are greatly mitigated. We will be sharing more on this subject with you during the session.

ROI is uniquely positioned to bring HIDP to the marketplace given its combination of insurance and development expertise in Mobile/Cloud/Applications for the financial services industry. Exhibit I directly aligns with ROI’s priorities in insurance.

  • Analytics and Data HIDP aggregates data from multiple sources and performs extensive data analyses which directly impact improvement in the total cost of operations. HIDP utilizes insurance-specific analytic algorithms and rich data sets – a process and a focus, each having universal applicability and enormous market potential.
  • Omni Channel Customer Engagement Adaptation of new communications pathways through integrating mobile applications with SAP Insurance and hybris Omni Channel brings continuity across the entire spectrum of a customer’s interactions with another business or organization. The power of ‘mobile’ and sophistication of Omni Channel user interfaces are crucial to knowledge worker productivity.
  • Core Systems Transformation ROI’s success in core systems transformation is a result of a new way of thinking, a disciplined approach, a focus on outcome-based goals and a leading-edge technology platform. The SAP software product lines provide the necessary functions to build effective core systems based on HANA technology. HANA Cloud provides the necessary infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on the business logic and industry-specific aspects of the solution.

→ Come hear about these exciting times in technology and ROI’s history-in-the-making achievements with developing a set of SAP Accelerators that not only demonstrate remarkable customer value, but also elevate financial services applications to the next level!

→ Come hear about how ROI uses HIDP as an internal HANA-based product just as effectively as it provides a set of customer-oriented processing capabilities to the marketplace!

→ Come hear about how mobile apps, analytics, insurance test data and the integration of hybris e-Commerce platform and Camilion’s Product Configurator work together. Communications and technology, as you know them, will never be the same!

See you there!

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