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Keynote & invited speakers

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

Technical evangelist

Dino is the author of many popular books for Microsoft Press that helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET developers and architects. CTO of a fast-growing company providing software and mobile services to professional sports, at the moment Dino is also technical evangelist for JetBrains, where he focuses on Android and Kotlin development.

Dino is a long-time trainer, top-notch consultant and member of the team that manages WURFL—the database of mobile device information used by organizations such as Google and Facebook.

Blog: http://software2cents.wordpress.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/NAA4E
Twitter http://twitter.com/despos
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dino-esposito/4/221/9a3

Never mind the Mobile Web; Here’s the Device Web

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Any web site can be accessed with any sort of device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, glasses, smart TVs. Obviously, your site must be responsive. But how you get to be responsive? Having separate web sites is a sure failure; you need a single web site that can offer different views. But what’s the ideal way of switching views? Is Responsive Web Design just enough? How does it really work? What are its hidden costs?

In the talk, Dino debunks some of the myths of Responsive Web Design and brings up the need of really different HTML views. The rest of the talk is built around a demo ASP.NET MVC application that uses a popular framework (WURFL, used by Google and Facebook to name a few) to switch views intelligently based on device detection.

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