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Anatoly Sourkis|Анатолий Суркис

Anatoly Sourkis

President, Digital Design Group

Anatoly Sourkis joined Digital Design in 1995 as a programmer. In 1997 he was promoted to team leader position. Anatoly founded and led Software Solutions Department in 1998. In the period from 2004 to 2008 Mr. Sourkis held the position of Vice President for Economics and Finance, and then he became…

Pavel Bogdanov|Павел Богданов

Pavel Bogdanov

General Partner, Almaz Capital Partners

Pavel (Pasha) Bogdanov is a general partner at Almaz Capital. His interests span software, gaming, and the Internet. He led deal execution for Jelastic, Parallels, Acumatica, Alawar, and other Almaz companies. Pasha is currently on the boards of Alawar Entertainment, AlterGeo, Flirtic and Nival.…

Alexander Andreev|Александр Андреев

Alexander Andreev

CEO, SoftJoys

Alexander Andreev graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with degree in Physics. After post graduate studies in field of Digital Signal Processing Applications he taught mathematics in University of Aerospace Instrumentation for ten years. At the same time Alexander established SoftJoys, one of the first…

Igor Kaloshin|Игорь Калошин

Igor Kaloshin

Operations Director, Intel

Igor Kaloshin is Manager of SSG Operations Director with Intel Russia. His responsibilities include the alignment and support of effective coordination of business processes, such as the creation of a stable infrastructure and a favorable environment for productive employees. His career in information…

Yuri Vedenin|Юрий Веденин

Yuri Vedenin

CEO, UXpresso

Nikita Efimov|Никита Ефимов

Nikita Efimov

Guerilla UX, UXpresso

Dmitry Soshnikov|Дмитрий Сошников

Dmitry Soshnikov

Technology Evangelist / Associate Professor
Microsoft / HSE / MAI

Dmitry Soshnikov is a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft Russia, whose main objective is to unleash the beauty and simplicity of using Microsoft technologies and .NET platform for both university studies and for the real world projects. In addition to his work at…

Vyacheslav Nesterov|Вячеслав Нестеров

Vyacheslav Nesterov

General Manager
St.Petersburg Development Center, EMC

The Center works on Software development for the products designed and produces by EMC corporation. The main area of development is high performance systems for information storage and management. Vyacheslav joined St.Petersburg EMC center in 2008, before that he worked for…

Dmitry Chikhachev|Дмитрий Чихачев

Dmitry Chikhachev

Managing partner and co-founder, Runa Capital

Dmitry Chikhachev is co-founder and managing partner at Runa Capital, $135M venture fund. His interests span internet, mobile, virtualization and could computing. He led deal execution for NGINX, Jelastic, LinguaLeo, Ecwid, Cellrox, Capptain and other Runa companies. Dmitry is a ‘hands on’…

Alexander Egorov|Александр Егоров

Alexander Egorov

CEO, Reksoft

Alexander Egorov was born 1969 in Leningrad, USSR and co-founded Reksoft in 1991 while studying in St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. Alexander holds Master Degree in CAD/CAM from St-Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation (1993) and MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics (2004).…

Alexander Potapov|Александр Потапов

Alexander Potapov

Deputy CEO, Managing Director at RVC

Alexander Potapov joined RVC in January 2012 as Deputy CEO, Managing Director and oversees now RVC programs aimed at generating demand for innovations and innovative ventures and developing service infrastructure, as well as at increasing proficiency of the ecosystem participants and fostering…

Eugene Aseev|Евгений Асеев

Eugene Aseev

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Oleg Ishanov|Олег Ишанов

Oleg Ishanov

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