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Hackathon results

9 teams were selected to participate in Hackathon. On October 22 -24, within 48 hours, participants were working on ideas to present to the jury the initial versions of their projects and compete for prizes.

Organizers have provided food, room and Internet access. Consultations by specially invited mentors, leaders of major companies and venture funds, were also offered. In hackathon completing mentors took part in choosing the best project of the event.




Results were announced during the CEE-SECR conference closing ceremony on October 24.

The general sponsor of Hackaton – Digital Design Company celebrated with a special prize project called “JopTeam”. Contestants suggested an iPad application for the same type processing of many photos at once. Anatoly Surkis, president of the company, handed participants a diploma and a certificate for an excursion trip to Saint Petersburg. It is interesting that this team could not start their work on time and spent only 24 hours, instead of the proposed 48 to develop project.




Andrey Ivanov, COO JetBraIns, awarded even 2 nominations. «For the most ridiculous Hackaton project» he gave prize to the only member of the team “Gamification Idea”, who has developed a plugin for Intllij IDEA, which turns on soundtrack of user actions with music from old computer games. And, team “Taist”, which integrated the popular bug tracker YouTrack and group chat HipChat, which gained a victory in the second JetBrains nomination – “Tools.”




Kaspersky lab noted teams, which were thinking about the security of services during their work. These were “Motivoi” – a service to create motivational wallpapers and “Taist”.




Russian Venture Company offered an internship in France to the most investment-attractive project – service for searching and comparing the services, developed by the team “AlterGo”.

The same team was marked by all the jury members and declared as the main CEE-SECR Hackaton winner. Nick Puntikov, conference chair, congratulated and rewarded “AlterGo”.




Hackathon was held with the support of the Center of Innovation and Development of Moscow and API Moscow Red October.

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